Our goal is unique
It's to keep you out of the doctor's office (including ours)

Rave Reviews

What Makes Us Different

Most chiropractors think that keeping you out of the doctor's office is a bad business model, but I know that if I can keep you doing the things you love pain free, you’ll tell your friends. I don’t need to see you 3 times a week for the rest of your life. There are too many people in San Francisco who really need care whom I want to help. I treat you like an Olympic athlete who wants to get back into the game pain free ASAP.

My Unique Satisfaction Pledge

The vast majority of my new patients tell me my care exceeds their expectations and are impressed by how much my approach differs from their prior experience with chiropractors. To help new patients make the decision to come in for the first time I offer a ten minute free consultation and a satisfaction pledge on the first visit. My personal pledge assures that you're happy with my practice philosophy and approach. If you are not completely satisfied following your first session, simply tell me at the end of the appointment and I will refund your money in full on the spot. Of course, I can't guarantee results, but I can guarantee a high level of service with a thorough and unique approach. When you come to me for assistance, you will be impressed and satisfied; that's a promise I can keep.

What to Expect at Each Visit

I take time at each visit to really hear what your symptoms are. Then, I do a thorough exam to identify the cause of those symptoms, explain those causes and show you what you can do to address the root of the problem. I make sure that I discuss all of your questions.

Your care starts with a thorough medical history to provide context for the signals your body gives us. I integrate chiropractic adjustments, applied kinesiology, orthotics, blood chemistry analysis, ergonomics, stress management, stretching and exercises to keep you out of the doctor’s office. I combine all of these tools into a holistic treatment plan customized to each patient’s unique needs. My goal is to give patients the tools to maintain their health on their own so they don’t need weekly visits or Tylenol for the rest of their lives. There is more to health than freedom from pain and I  know that you expect more from your doctor than just patching you up.

So, at ProActive Chiropractic located in the Financial District of San Francisco, I practice healthcare the old fashioned way. Your care is provided by your doctor, not a machine, a technician or an assistant. At every appointment, you will spend twenty minutes face-to-face with me, Dr. Cohen.

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