New Health Rule for the world by Dr. Andrew Cohen:

If you can buy it at a gas station, don’t put it in your body (except alcohol and do that only occasionally.)

What’s typically for sale at a gas station: junk-chips, cookies, candy, soda, jolt drinks, nuts roasted and covered with sugar and tons of salt, water from poor sources that typically test dirtier than tap water, oh yeah, and gas. Don’t put any of this in your mouth.

About the Author

Dr. Andrew Cohen

Most chiropractors think that keeping you out of the doctor’s office is a bad business model, but I know that if I can keep you doing the things you love pain free, you’ll tell your friends. I don’t need to see you 3 times a week for the rest of your life. There are too many people in San Francisco who really need care whom I want to help. I treat you like an Olympic athlete who wants to get back into the game pain free ASAP.
Andrew Cohen, DC, CCSP®