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Our Office

Our office is in the downtown San Francisco Financial District.

Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday-Friday:
9:00am – 6:00pm by appointment.
Urgent after-hours can be arranged, if necessary, for a 50% surcharge.

Parking is available across the street at the Shell Building Parking Lot for $3.50 every 15 minutes. There is also the Sutter-Stockton garage which is a six blocks away; they charge $1-4 an hour.


22 Battery St., Suite 505
San Francisco, CA 94111

Phone: 415-762-8141
Fax: 415-683-7868

Our location is easily accessible via the Montgomery or Embarcadero BART station and Muni. We are at the corner of Battery, Bush and Market Streets.

Our doctors:

Our Approach

Our goal is unique. It’s to keep you out of the doctors office (including ours). Most healthcare practitioners think that’s a bad business model, but we know that if we keep you doing the things you love, you’ll tell your friends we’ve helped.

We don’t need to see you 3 times per week for the rest of your life. There are too many people who really need care whom we want to help. It takes a little more time to teach you as the patient how to be involved in your care, but the payoff is exponential for you.

At ProActive Chiropractic, we relieve pain and give you individualized home care instructions. Then we teach you how to maintain and improve your general health in order to prevent further pain and disorders.

We take a holistic approach integrating chiropractic and Applied Kinesiology which combines structural, emotional, and chemical/nutrition aspects of health to find the triggers of your imbalance and pain. Other tools include blood chemistry lab testing, exercise, stress management techniques, ergonomics and posture and movement analysis.

We recognize that your body has the incredible power to heal itself. Most people merely lack the knowledge and skills to take control of their own health needs. Our goal is to help you acquire that vital knowledge and to empower you to be proactive about your health.

What reinvented Chiropractic Care looks like

  • Virtually no wait, we schedule the doctor to see you at the appointment time unlike other doctors who double book
  • Spend time with the doctor only (unlike other practices where you’re with the doctor for 3-4 minutes then hooked to a machine and left alone)
  • Fast results, get you pain free in less than half the number of visits compared to other chiropractors
    Battery of tests and screens that help us get to the bottom of the problem
  • Explain things without making you feel dumb or using scare tactics. We speak normal English, instead of medical jargon.
  • Unique satisfaction pledge takes the risk out of seeing us
  • Leave feeling better immediately* (99.1% of new patients)
  • Personalized road to recovery with customized adjustments and targeted exercise plan

What our patients say:

I’ve seen other chiropractors but wanted to give Dr. Cohen a try to see if he could help solve some nagging issues with my body – and I’m glad I did. Dr. Cohen did a thorough exam and identified things going on with my body I didn’t even realize. He then did a few treatments and I walked out of the office 60 minutes later straighter and feeling better. My experience was not your everyday chiro appointment – it was above and beyond. Thanks doc. Mistermerp

The best word to describe Dr. Cohen is AMAZING. After 2 years of continuous pain in my hip I was desperate to get relief. I didn’t have much confidence but just after my first visit I was pain free. I did a few follow up appointments to work out a few other kinks and a year later I am still going strong pain free. Dr. Cohen is professional, thorough and does a great job of explaining what’s going on with your body. I highly recommend Dr. Cohen, you won’t be disappointed. April Dominguez

I’ve been to several chiropractors over the years, but Dr. Cohen’s entire philosophy is completely different. With his deep background working with literally the best athletes in the world, he really is interested in getting you “back to work and back to play”. He solves your problem, the pain magically goes away, and then he gives you the tools to keep yourself in peak condition and stay out of his office. I will never go see anyone else… Larry H.

Dr. Cohen is a great chiropractor and very results-focused. I went to him for a hip issue and he said I would be better in 3 sessions, and he was right. I love his ability to diagnosis the root of the problem and correct it, quickly and painlessly. Highly recommend. Julia Clare Owens

Dr. Cohen is awesome. I have worked with a lot of chiropractors as an athlete and he is top among them. If you are in pain and need help go see him. If you want to improve your training go see him. Great guy, great care, reasonable rates. It doesn’t get better than him Andrew Liverman

I started seeing Dr. Cohen when I was getting shooting pains running from my skull down to the center of my back after a lot of plane travel and he fixed me up in no time! He’s also solved mysterious back pain that seemed unrelated to anything. Some of his scientific approaches and tests are so good, it feels more like magic. He really is committed to helping you improve with the fewest number of office visits possible (if you do what he tells you to do) and his assignments are really simple that are easy for anyone to do. In addition to being really great at his craft, Dr. Cohen is smart, funny and remembers the important details of your life, which really pays off when helping you solve problems since he can see a more holistic picture. I highly recommend Dr. Cohen and ProActive Chiropractic! Marissa Garfield

I have seen many chiropractors over the past 15 years and always fell into a cycle of adjustment and pain every 3 weeks.  Dr. Cohen uses many techniques to pinpoint exactly the areas causing problems and focuses on those – adjustments, manipulation, massage, exercise etc.  I have seen better results in the short time that I have been seeing Dr. Cohen than ever before.  I finally feel that there is an end to my pain cycle. Vicki O.

Dr Cohen is amazing! His practice lives up to his stated intention of healing you fundamentally so you never have to go back. I came to Dr Cohen for seemingly intractible upper neck spine shoulder and ankle issues brought on by decades of abusing my body (cycling, football, soccer, auto, laptops…). Dr. Cohen dove in asking questions and measuring nerve flow until he found the fundamental issues, taught me about how my body works and what I’m doing and what I could do better, offered adjustments stretches massage, many other modes, and left me with at home physical therapy exercises to strengthen and support. Incredible! I’ve seen many chiro’s offering temporary relief, Dr Cohen helps heal the issues at the root of behavior and body for permanent improvements in health and wellness. Brian H.

Being an ex ski racer and having seen many chiropractors throughout my life, he is by far the best. His chiropractic style is very different and sports like. He does all these different tests all over you. I highly recommend him. He gives you a plan in order to get you better. He has improved my overall health so much. Everything he recommends and does it for your well being. He is also a great guy, so positive, energetic and knowledgeable.
He is beyond amazing and I cannot express my gratitude to him for helping me get better and for continuously making sure my body is at its best!
Daniella H.