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Readjust. Refocus. Just don't quit.

Exceptional chiropractic adjustments | 5 star ratings

Readjust. Refocus. Just don't quit.

Exceptional chiropractic adjustments | 5 star ratings

Readjust. Refocus. Just don't quit.

Exceptional chiropractic adjustments | 5 star ratings

We reinvented what Chiropractic Care looks like

  • Virtually no wait: your doctor’s calendar matches yours unlike other clinics that double book
  • Doctor’s care: your entire appointment is with your doctor unlike other practices that hook you to a machine after 3-4 minutes with the doctor or pass you off to an assistant
  • Fast results: results in less than half the number of visits achieved by other San Francisco chiropractors
  • Find the root: we have a battery of non-invasive tests to get to the bottom of the problem
  • Direct explanations: we explain without making you feel dumb or using scare tactics. We speak normal English, not medical jargon. 
  • Satisfaction Pledge: our unique satisfaction pledge takes the risk out of seeing us
  • Feel better immediately: 99.5% of new patients report feeling better during the new patient visit
  • Personalized treatment plan: customized adjustments & targeted exercise plan designed for you

Top San Francisco Sports Chiropractor

ProActive Chiropractic SF is one of the best applied kinesiology & sports chiropractor in San Francisco. Located in downtown San Francisco’s financial district.

  • 5 star ratingDr. Nancy and everyone at ProActive are true lifesavers! Never knew what it felt like to not be in pain until I met them -- from stomach issues to bodywork... read more

    Claudia U. Avatar
    Claudia U.
    23 Apr 2019

    5 star ratingProactive Chiropractic is amazing! I had back and neck issues for the last few years and didn't know who to turn to. However, after seeing multiple great reviews about Proactive,... read more

    Lucas H. Avatar
    Lucas H.
    13 Jul 2019

    5 star ratingDr Cohen has been my go to guy for aches, pains, and more for years. Try it, you'll like it. Very thorough and analytical and he listens. He's also very... read more

    Mark S. Avatar
    Mark S.
    16 Nov 2018
  • 5 star ratingI have been going to Dr. Cohen and Dr. Chu for a few months now and they provide too tier service. Everyone in the office is friendly and they are... read more

    Robert T. Avatar
    Robert T.
    13 Jan 2021

    5 star ratingI am in love with Dr. Chu! She is great, very friendly and knowledgeable! She was able to identify all my issues and is helping to solve them. I already... read more

    Aida B. Avatar
    Aida B.
    16 Jul 2019

    5 star ratingDr. Chu has treated me on and off for about 3 years for rib pain. She's a great adjuster! I always felt improvements immediately after my appointments. She has been... read more

    Jake H. Avatar
    Jake H.
    15 Feb 2019
  • 5 star ratingThe team at ProActive brings a unique and refreshing approach to the chiropractic profession that has proven results. Dr. Cohen is filled with knowledge and experience and treats every patient... read more

    Taylor M. Avatar
    Taylor M.
    06 Apr 2019

    5 star ratingDr. Cohen totally cured my knees. I had assumed that the stiffness and achiness in my knees were due to arthritis and that I had to give up running and... read more

    Lynn H. Avatar
    Lynn H.
    17 Jul 2019

    5 star ratingI have had issues with my knees for years. I went to an orthopedic surgeon and a sports med doctor-- none of which helped my knees improve. The advice I... read more

    Chris R. Avatar
    Chris R.
    12 Aug 2020
  • 5 star rating5 Stars for Dr. Nancy Chu and the rest of the staff at ProActive Chiropractic team. The office has a great feel and I always look forward to a visit.... read more

    Brian W. Avatar
    Brian W.
    25 Mar 2019

    5 star ratingI've been coming to ProActive for over a year now and they are the best. Dr Chu and Dr. Cohen are extremely professional and in tune with their patient's needs.... read more

    Ko J. Avatar
    Ko J.
    15 Jan 2021

    5 star ratingI've been treated by Dr. Nancy Chu for over a year now shortly after having a baby and she's helped me immensely in my postpartum recovery and helped keep my... read more

    Kiley L. Avatar
    Kiley L.
    23 Sep 2020
  • 5 star ratingReally grateful I found Dr Cohen and Proactive many years back. I actually had a pretty poor experience with Chiropractors when I was back in high school and almost never... read more

    Brent F. Avatar
    Brent F.
    25 Jun 2020

    5 star ratingDrs. Chu and Cohen - and Amy at the front desk - are the best. I've been dealing with an injury for a year, and tried many different things, and... read more

    Hope K. Avatar
    Hope K.
    13 Aug 2020

    5 star ratingI went to see dr. Cohen for a shoulder issue and I was blown away. His knowledge of human anatomy is unparalleled and, although it was pretty freaky when he... read more

    Flora F. Avatar
    Flora F.
    10 Apr 2019

Reinventing your sports recovery experience

You want to stay out of the doctor’s office! We offer unique diagnosis and care to actually address and fix the problem so you can get on with your life.

Pain-free Fast

Get pain-free in less than half the number of visits compared to other San Francisco chiropractors. Be part of the 99.5% of our patients who report improvement after only one visit.

ProActive Care

Get back to work, back to play without the pain. Stay active during recovery and take charge of your health.

Exceptional Outcomes

Join our patient family where 9 out of 10 would recommend us to friends or family. Receive the 5 star service you deserve.

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