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Readjust. Refocus. Just don't quit.

Exceptional chiropractic adjustments | 5 star ratings

Readjust. Refocus. Just don't quit.

Exceptional chiropractic adjustments | 5 star ratings

Readjust. Refocus. Just don't quit.

Exceptional chiropractic adjustments | 5 star ratings

We reinvented what Chiropractic Care looks like

  • Virtually no wait: your doctor’s calendar matches yours unlike other clinics that double book
  • Doctor’s care: your entire appointment is with your doctor unlike other practices that hook you to a machine after 3-4 minutes with the doctor or pass you off to an assistant
  • Fast results: results in less than half the number of visits achieved by other San Francisco chiropractors
  • Find the root: we have a battery of non-invasive tests to get to the bottom of the problem
  • Direct explanations: we explain without making you feel dumb or using scare tactics. We speak normal English, not medical jargon. 
  • Satisfaction Pledge: our unique satisfaction pledge takes the risk out of seeing us
  • Feel better immediately: 99.5% of new patients report feeling better during the new patient visit
  • Personalized treatment plan: customized adjustments & targeted exercise plan designed for you

Top San Francisco Sports Chiropractor

ProActive Chiropractic SF is one of the best applied kinesiology & sports chiropractor in San Francisco. Located in downtown San Francisco’s financial district.

  • 5 star ratingThe chiropractors here are amazing. They made a plan for my treatments and it's working. They listen and adjust the plan as needed. I've seen both Andrew and Nancy and... read more

    Nakita S. Avatar
    Nakita S.
    17 Jan 2020

    5 star ratingDr. Cohen and Nancy are both amazing! I've been to many chiropractors over the years, and none compare to the care I received at ProActive. The treatment and exercises are... read more

    Jocelyn K. Avatar
    Jocelyn K.
    30 Jun 2020

    5 star ratingThese people literally changed my life. They are kind, funny, and fun. But most importantly they are awesome chiropractors! I have them to thank for helping me manage chronic neck... read more

    erin e. Avatar
    erin e.
    30 Mar 2019
  • 5 star ratingThe doctors and staff at ProActive Chiropractic are professional, friendly, and effective!

    I paid ProActive a visit after experiencing some long-standing rib pain from a heavy squat session.
    I'd been to a...
    read more

    Ryan R. Avatar
    Ryan R.
    06 May 2019

    5 star ratingProactive Chiropractic has helped me heal in a holistic, and personalized fashion. I've seen many videos of chiropractors on YouTube (Dr Jason, Chiropractic Medicine, etc.). But I'm so glad to... read more

    David K. Avatar
    David K.
    05 Feb 2020

    5 star ratingI've had two appointments with ProActive Chiropractic for my foot. I always thought chiropractors would focus on the back but I like the holistic approach the doctors at ProActive take.... read more

    Lindsay C. Avatar
    Lindsay C.
    12 Mar 2019
  • 5 star ratingProActive Chiro is *amazing*! I'd never been to a chiropractor or PT professional, but I was experiencing pain in my foot and several folks from my workout studio raved about... read more

    Lacey B. Avatar
    Lacey B.
    01 Jan 2021

    5 star ratingLove their methodology! Love their customer service! Love their commitment to full body healing! I have completed a full package of 6 sessions with Dr. Nancy Chu and am nothing... read more

    Shasta N. Avatar
    Shasta N.
    02 Jun 2020

    5 star ratingDr. Nancy Chu is legit! At first I didn't understand why she told me to close my right eye, and then after, my left eye, put my hands together up... read more

    Vladik S. Avatar
    Vladik S.
    06 Apr 2019
  • 5 star ratingI'm really worried. I am a huge fan of ProActive and have gone for 3y now. Nancy has been great. Have directly addressed my back pains with significant improvement after... read more

    Jim W. Avatar
    Jim W.
    21 Nov 2019

    5 star ratingI am so glad and grateful that I started seeing Dr. Cohen. My appointments began two years ago after herniating a disc in my back. I'd gone to several other... read more

    Hank Y. Avatar
    Hank Y.
    06 Aug 2020

    5 star ratingThis place is the best place to get chiropractic care. Ask for Nancy, she is amazing! I love the way she is attentive and listens to what my needs are.... read more

    jackie u. Avatar
    jackie u.
    27 May 2020
  • 5 star ratingDr. Cohen and Dr. Chu do amazing work! I've been going to ProActive for 6 + years for lower back pain and wouldn't be able to be as active as... read more

    Craig S. Avatar
    Craig S.
    24 Jul 2020

    5 star ratingHonestly I'm so glad I decided to stop by ProActive to address my body pains from playing basketball! My body's not how it used to be so improving my wellness... read more

    Kevin N. Avatar
    Kevin N.
    12 Feb 2019

    5 star ratingI'm not a big review writer, but I feel obligated to share how wonderful Dr. Chu and Dr. Cohen have been for me over the years. I started coming to... read more

    Stefany R. Avatar
    Stefany R.
    07 Jul 2020

Reinventing your sports recovery experience

You want to stay out of the doctor’s office! We offer unique diagnosis and care to actually address and fix the problem so you can get on with your life.

Pain-free Fast

Get pain-free in less than half the number of visits compared to other San Francisco chiropractors. Be part of the 99.5% of our patients who report improvement after only one visit.

ProActive Care

Get back to work, back to play without the pain. Stay active during recovery and take charge of your health.

Exceptional Outcomes

Join our patient family where 9 out of 10 would recommend us to friends or family. Receive the 5 star service you deserve.

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Schedule a visit with one of our top San Francisco chiropractor at our downtown financial district office.

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