Dr. Cohen is introducing new chiropractic techniques he recently gained in a continuing education seminar on Spinal Disc Pathology-Imaging, Adjustive Techniques, and Active Rehabilitation. Dr. Cohen received instruction on easy ways to help patients understand the importance of and how to implement physical activity into their routines. The seminar was taught by Drs. Margaret Seron and John Hyland, known for their expertise in the field.

The seminar featured a lecture and hands-on demonstration of functional exercises for patient treatment. The practical nature of the seminar enables doctors to offer these new protocols immediately in their clinics. By staying on top of cutting edge research, Dr. Cohen can better get patients Back to Work, Back to Play.

Dr. Cohen welcomes new patients to ProActive Chiropractic for screening to determine their chiropractic needs. In addition to the methods from this seminar, his practice offers a variety of therapies for acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions and spinal health.

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