Kinesio tape first noticed on Lance Armstrong when he was competing in the Tour de France.

In his 2003 book Every Second Counts, Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong noted his team used “a special hot-pink athletic tape that came from Japan and seemed to have magical powers.”

Armstrong added: “Sometimes we’d be so wrapped up in hot-pink tape that we’d look like dolls, a bunch of broken dolls. But the tape worked, so we kept it, because it could fix things.”

It isn’t magic. It actually corrects muscle function, boosts circulation of lymph and blood to bring down swelling, and supports the joints after an adjustment and relieves pain.

Since then it has been used on a variety of elite athletes and was seen on many of the Olympic athletes that were competing in China.

Kinesio Taping was developed by a chiropractor who wanted to support patients after they left the office.

That ability to help keep patients out of the office longer is what spurred Dr. Cohen, of ProActive Chiropractic in the financial district of San Francisco, to learn about and integrate the taping into his practice. This is just another tool in the tool belt to help patients get Back to Work, Back to Play.