A new report, Nutritional quality and safety of organic food, has found that organic foods are better for you and contain less pesticides and nitrates, and have higher levels of minerals and antioxidants.  The study was published by the French Agency for Food Safety (AFSSA).

The major points of the study are:

  1. Organic plant products contain more dry matter and minerals (Fe, Mg) and contain more anti-oxidant micronutrients such as phenols and salicylic acid
  2. Organic animal products contain more polyunsaturated fatty acids
  3. Data on carbohydrate, protein and vitamin levels are insufficiently documented
  4. 94–100% of organic food does not contain any pesticide residues
  5. Organic vegetables contain far less nitrates, about 50% less
  6. Organic cereals contain overall similar levels of mycotoxins as conventional ones

We are lucky living in the Bay Area because there are loads of farmers markets providing local fresh organic veggies and fruits.