I see wrist complaints day-in and day-out from patients from all over the Bay Area Usually the symptoms are improperly classified as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It is because of this that I decided I would invent something to help create balance for the hand.  My practice focuses primarily on balance and our hands, like our trapezius or shoulder muscles, which are often under tons of stress from the typical desk job, so we need to make sure we balance out the opposite muscles.

In the hands, the finger flexors are overworked and the finger extensors are under utilized. As I type this out I feel my flexors working (not the extensors).

I used to suggest a rubber band over all of the fingers and simply extend (my close friend Dr. Ti Pence,  a well-known chiropractor in Japan, swears by the broccoli rubberbands because they’re strong and cheap). Yet I wanted something that evenly distributed the resistance because I noticed my pinky and ring finger weren’t pulling their fair share.

Before I sank money and time into creating a new device, I researched what was out there and ran across the Xtensor, which seemed to do exactly what I wanted it to do without worrying about patents and marketing. So I’ve been using it for a few days and am impressed at the workout it gives my hands which is useful to negate the typing on my computer, on my Iphone (or Blackberry), rock climbing, swinging a tennis club (or golf club if I played more), working on patients, and even writing. Think about your daily life — I imagine you over utilize your finger flexors as well.

I’d suggest the Xtensor as a great conservative way to restore balance to the wrist.  I bought a case of them and will be selling them at a price lower than the product’s own website because I think balance is something we should have, especially in the hands which we all want to keep agile.

This is yet another way that ProActive Chiropractic gets you Back to Work, Back to Play.