12/02/09 Graph

The British Journal of Psychiatry found that daily candy consumption increases odds of adult violence. The conclusion of the recent study states:

Diet has been associated with behavioral problems, including aggression, but the long-term effects of childhood diet on adult violence have not been studied. We tested the hypothesis that excessive consumption of confectionery at age 10 years predicts convictions for violence in adulthood (age 34 years). Data from age 5, 10 and 34 years were used. Children who ate confectionery daily at age 10 years were significantly more likely to have been convicted for violence at age 34 years, a relationship that was robust when controlling for ecological and individual factors.

In an interview by Medscape Psychiatry, one of the researchers, Dr. Simon, stated, “we think that kids who demand candy every day do not learn to delay gratification, which some think is a feature of violent individuals generally.”

Wow – that’s an interesting study! –AC