8/12/09 Graph

According to the study published in Spine: No pain at all in the past 6 months at 16 and 18 years was reported by 17% and 8% of girls, and 33% and 24% of boys, respectively. Only 1 pain location (neck, shoulder, low back, or peripheral pain) was reported by 21% of girls and 25% of boys at 16, and 11% of girls and 20% of boys at 18 years, while all 4 pain locations were reported by 15% of girls and 9% of boys at 16, and 27% and 15%, respectively, at 18 years.

And it didn’t look better after the 2 year check in. And parents often shrug off their kids’ complaints of pain.  It is much easier to correct a problem early on before it progresses, so bring your kids in. I love treating kids — they usually get better much quicker than adults because they have less scar tissue and their body hasn’t totally compensated yet or gotten used to bad habits.