Young wrestlers who were supplemented with omega-3 fatty acids and were subsequently evaluated for specific parameters of pulmonary function after 12 weeks of use, demonstrated a significant improvement in several of these variables both during and post workout.

Source: The effects of omega-3 supplementation on pulmonary function of young wrestlers during intensive training

Dr Cohen’s input: 1 gram of omega 3’s improves the ability of these athletes to breathe effectively — getting more oxygen into the muscles can therefore help muscles perform longer. This is a no-brainer for athletes who want an extra edge when you take into account all of the other benefits of omega 3’s (EPA/DHA).  Do I sound like a broken record? Reduce your Omega 6’s and increase your Omega 3’s (1:1 ratio is ideal).  The effects are so multidimensional, as we saw in this study of lung function.