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Gen. Halstead’s Chiropractic Shout Out

Gen. Halstead was also able to share her personal experience dealing with fibromyalgia and how chiropractic care helped her return to a pain-free life.

“Part of getting well was a strong introduction to the chiropractic community, which I think would have really helped me if I could have received the treatment while I was on active duty,” Gen. Halstead noted.

During the radio interview, Gen. Halstead also detailed her visit to the Connecticut Veteran Affairs (VA) Hospital where she had a chance meeting with a young soldier who was suffering with a herniated disc. After two years of physical therapy, the solider was referred to chiropractic care and much like Gen. Halstead, was on the road to recovery. The soldier, who was receiving a chiropractic adjustment, spoke with Gen. Halstead about the benefits chiropractic care would have on active duty military.

“Just think if we came in off our patrols each night and we could get adjusted the way I just got adjusted, what a sense of relief and healing,” Gen. Halstead recalled the soldier saying.

Gen. Halstead was thrilled to participate in both interviews, taking the opportunity to not only remember and recognize the fallen soldiers and families for their service, but to educate everyday citizens on the importance of keeping our military ready for battle.

“I hope my message instilled a sense of responsibility in everyone to properly resource and support our military men and women,” concluded Gen. Halstead.