This weekend, a friend of mine invited me, my wife and our puppy on a hike. When I told her I was out of town at a seminar, she called me a “conference animal,” because I often decline invitations because of a conference.

It’s true.

One of the disadvantages of being an Applied Kinesiologist and Chiropractor is that I get used to immediate positive feedback.

You have to understand: 90% of the time, my patients feel a significant improvement during their first treatment.

On the rare occasion that I don’t get that “WOW! I feel so much better!” at the end of the visit, I am unhappy, disappointed and frustrated. What do I not know? What could I learn so I don’t have to feel this way?  It’s the 10% that gets me thinking and forces me to keep learning.

This desire to help everyone in one visit makes me spend, on average, two weekends a month in seminars and post-doc training and to get 10x more continuing education than the state of California requires.  Although it means I miss out on great hikes with my wife, my friends and my puppy, it’s good news for you!