I know SF is feeling like summer will never come, but sooner or later it will and if you leave the city you’ll need some cover. Check the Environmental Working Group‘s site for ratings of the safest and most effective options along with their “Hall of Shame.”  Worth spending a few minutes on there before you buy sunscreen that may be extremely toxic.

Finding the best sunscreens

Finding the best sunscreens

You know the drill: when the sun’s rays are fierce, duck and cover.

But sometimes, you’re going to be out there in it. EWG’s Sunscreen Guide to 1,400 sunscreens, sunblocks, lip balms and moisturizers tells you what you need to know to find safe and effective sunscreens. EWG’s exclusive scientific analysis helps you avoid red-flag ingredients like vitamin A (retinyl palmitate) and oxybenzone. EWG gives you straight talk about SPF.

Tired of the hype? So are we. The FDA should wrap up sunscreen regulations it started drafting in 1978. Americans have waited long enough.

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