Today I was adjusting a patient’s midback to restore proper rib movement. As I explained the purpose of the adjustment, he was reminded of Thomas Jones, the Kansas City Chief whose health and football career were saved through chiropractic care. Although all NFL teams have a chiropractor on staff, Jones spent inordinate amounts of time and money consulting doctors and specialists for a breathing issue that was ultimately resolved with a simple rib adjustment. The story posted below, originally published in the New York Times, is an amazing testimony to the power of chiropractic.

“… Jones said he considered quitting when he was in Arizona. Yet it was that stint, from 2000 to 2002, which he describes as “sheer misery,” that ended up prolonging his career. It began with a mystery in 2000 when, in the middle of his rookie season, Jones had trouble breathing. He saw team doctors, outside specialists and visited the Cleveland Clinic. Doctors performed a biopsy on his stomach and stuck cameras down his throat. The diagnoses included walking pneumonia, asthma and anxiety.

After Jones spent about $20,000, a chiropractor realigned his ribs, and his breathing returned to normal. More important, Jones began to examine the team doctors more closely, and he started to assemble a team of health specialists.”

Needless to say, a chiropractor has become a key member of his health team since then. Shouldn’t you have one on your team?