Susan G Koman Sports Medicine Team

The captain of the medical team and the nurse team and Dr. C goofing around in their glamor bras.

Annually Dr Cohen, San Francisco Chiropractor, volunteers at the Susan  G. Komen for the Cure to support walkers in their 60 mile journey with chiropractic care and Kinesio Taping.

This is the third year Dr. Cohen has slept and worked in the Medical Tent and always looks forward to supporting the walkers and crew with their sprained ankles, painful knees, low back and neck pain, and sprains and strains from carrying water or a bag for 60-miles throughout the Peninsula, Marin and San Francisco hills.

If you’re walking or volunteering, stop by the chiropractic medicine tent for a free tune-up at Chrissy Field — we have a fabulous team including MD’s, Chiropractors, PT’s, Athletic Trainers, and Nurses.

This one is going to be a warm one so make sure you hydrate in advance and during the 3-Day event!

Dr. Cohen adjusting an ankle 5 miles before the finish line!