San Francisco Chiropractor Dr. Cohen believes it’s easier to help patients when he has experienced it himself.   That is one reason why he ran the Honolulu Marathon. So when a patient and friend of Cohen asked him to be a member of the team he agreed and for the last few months has trained for the “Tough Mudder … the TOUGHEST one day event on the planet,” as the race brands itself.  They say “this is not your average mud run or boring, spirit-crushing road race” and it looks to be true.

Dr. Cohen expects this will be an extremely challenging race but it will help him treat other extreme athletes long-term. More importantly it will help him teach others how to avoid injuries and train more effectively.

This is one reason why he drove up to Bear Valley yesterday to run up the mountain. “This was pure torture coming from San Francisco, because although I have been training and running up to 2 hours during my training, the elevation is something that is hard to recreate. They were building the obstacles we will encounter and all I have to say is it’s going to be fun and difficult,” the San Francisco Chiropractor exclaimed.

Safety first. If you are encountering any pain before the race make sure you get it checked out because this race will make any ache or pain worse ten-fold.

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