NBC Sports reports:  Michelle Wie had to play in pain at the Dubai Ladies Masters — luckily she has a a great chiropractor and is getting physical therapy as well.

“Wie said she is getting physical therapy and seeing a chiropractor for the back problem that has sidelined her the past few weeks. She said she needs to give it time to rest and rehab it to get stronger for next year.

Wie said it wouldn’t have “long-lasting effects” and expects to play a full schedule next season.

Wie limped slightly as she made her way around the Emirates Golf Club in Dubai on Thursday. She winced several times after drives off the tee and shot a par-72 in the second round. She is six shots off the lead.”


I’m glad that she found a chiropractor in Dubai. Michelle Wie is a favorite of mine after living in Hawaii where she’s a local celebrity.  Michelle, next time you’re in the Bay Area/San Francisco, I’ll be your chiropractor.  Dr. Cohen regularly sees golfers who are in pain and need to get back onto the course.