There isn’t much that’s worth driving to San Jose for, but this is! The Gunther von Hagens’ Body World Vital is an incredible exhibit. Not only is it educational and incredible, but they take the opportunity to teach you about ways to stay healthy. They also compare healthy bodies side by side with those that were subjected to unhealthy choices, from smoking to obesity.

After spending a year in the cadaver lab in chiropractic school, I am in shock at what these people were able to do and show, things I never thought were possible.

I would strongly recommend this exhibit, especially for kids – no, it’s not gory or gross. They do a great job visually teaching much of what I focus on in my practice, from the importance of exercise to healthy eating. Make sure you see it before it leaves.

-Dr Andrew Cohen, ProActive Chiropractic, San Francisco.

Tip: Save a few bucks by showing them your AAA card.