There might be a KNIFE in your head that you don’t know about for 4 YEARS!

Humans try to not let anything interfere with what they want to do, whether it’s work or play.  They often turn to over-the-counter, left over prescriptions to hide the pain. If we watch the commercials, that is what the drug companies tell us we’re supposed to do.

This patient says, “As time passed, I used injections to kill the pain in my head and ears,” Li, 30, told Chinese state TV. “It has been four years already.”

This news story will make you say “WHAT THE …” But then it reminds us that we need to make sure we figure out the cause of the pain before we simply hide it. Although I do not think something this extreme could happen in the U.S. there are other cases that impress upon us the same take home message. There is a place for medications, but they should not be the only approach because they do not always address the problem.

An X-ray shows the knife stuck in Li Fuyan's head.

The rusty blade doctors removed from Li Fuyan’s head. Imaginechina via AP.