Dr. Cohen further explores functional medicine tonight by attending a seminar focusing on the Brain-Gut Axis and Clinical Applications.

The current fields of neuroimmunology and gastroenterology are finding a distinct form of communication between the brain and the gastrointestinal system. The seminar will discuss some of the recent papers published regarding the gut-brain axis and the role it plays with autism, inflammatory bowel disorders, intestinal permeability, and abnormal intestinal motility. Communication systems involving the enteric nervous system, vagal motor nuclei, insular cortex, cytokines, lipopolysaccharides, and gut peptides will be reviewed as well.

Research in this area is moving at a fast pace so it’s important to be up on the research and the most effective treatment options. Dr. Cohen expects to bring what he learns to ProActive Chiropractic to better test and help patients with autoimmune, digestive and dietary sensitivities such as gluten and/or dairy.