“Before you jump into barefoot style shoes or running barefoot, you should get your feet scanned,” states Dr. Andrew Cohen of ProActive Chiropractic, located in the San Francisco Financial District. As a chiropractor, he sees too often what running on imbalanced feet can do for you knees, back, and even your neck.  ProActive Chiropractic performs a foot scan as part of an initial exam to determine if some of your aches and pains could stem from your feet, which often times they do.  If there are no imbalances, considering some cross-training with less support makes sense occasionally, but you have to be careful running in SF with concrete and asphalt – stick to the trails.

To learn about the three things to know before you start barefoot running read this article.

This is taken directly from the Vibram website:

I was told I was an over-pronator. I was also told by some experts to buy certain types of shoes for motion control. Can Vibram FiveFingers® help me or should I steer away from them?

For some over-pronators (people whose feet tend to flatten during full weight-bearing exercise), Vibram FiveFingers® footwear will be too much of an abrupt change in biomechanics. We always recommend what we call a micro progression into Vibram FiveFingers. The too-much-too-soon phenomenon can be a problem for anyone’s foot. In the case of severe over-pronators, Vibram FiveFingers might not be a wise choice for weight-bearing activities. Over-pronators will definitely benefit from some focused rehabilitation and foot-specific exercises before wearing any minimalist footwear.

Foot Awareness Month

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