“I strongly recommend the 11+ exercise series as a warm up tool. It’s easy to follow and implement into any warm up program or training drill,” says Dr. Cohen, San Francisco Chiropractor who sees many young athletes for sports injuries.

“The 11+” is a complete warm-up package for soccer players. The program was developed by an international group of experts.

In a scientific study it was shown that female youth football teams using “The 11+” as a standard warm-up had significant lower risk for injuries than teams that warmed-up as usual,” says Football for Health, an offshoot of FIFA.

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11+ Part 1

This is an easy, cheap, and effective prevention tool but unfortunately even with “the 11+” injuries may occur.

Some common injuries that present at ProActive Chiropractic are pulled hamstrings, groin pulls, knee injuries, low back sprains, neck whiplash-type injuries from heading, and ankle sprains/rolls.  Some injuries can be quite serious such as an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury, and after a thorough exam Dr. Cohen is able to refer you to the appropriate specialist. If a sports injury occurs quickly see Dr. Cohen at ProActive Chiropractic because the sooner you are treated, the sooner you can be out of pain and return to play.  When you wait too long, scar tissue develops which prolongs the healing time dramatically.

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