I absolutely love working with kids for one key reason… they get better really quickly. I love seeing results which is why Applied Kinesiology (AK), chiropractic, and nutrition is a perfect marriage for me.

A person will walk into our downtown office with pain and limitations in movement, and by the time they leave they have made significant improvement. This is even more apparent with kids because they don’t have as much scar tissue, and because they haven’t had the issues for months or years – their bodies still remember what is normal.

A case study published in Journal of Chiropractic Medicine followed a ten year old child. “The child was a poor reader, suffered eye strain while reading, had poor memory for classroom material, and was unable to move easily from one line of text to another during reading. He was using 4 medications for the asthma but was still symptomatic during exercise.”

“Chiropractic care, using applied kinesiology, guided evaluation, and treatment. Following spinal and cranial treatment, the patient showed improvement in his reading ability, head and neck pain, and respiratory distress. His ability to read improved (in 3 weeks, after 5 treatments), performing at his own grade level. He has remained symptom free for 2 years.'”

This is an interesting study and the results fortunately are not uncommon in my practice. If your child is suffering from headaches, neck pain (both of which are far more common than the general public believes, unfortunately), asthma, low back pain, bed wetting, and/or learning disabilities bring them in. Our unique approach typically gets great results and if it doesn’t seem like I can help, I’ll point you to someone who can.

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Posted via email from ProActive Chiropractic in San Francisco, California