A study published at the American Cancer Research Convention last Thursday Nov. 3rd linked colon and breast cancers to the immobility of sitting.  In North America alone, an estimated 1/3 of colon cancers and 25% of breast cancers or up to 85,000 colon cancers and 60,000 breast cancers per year could be attributed to immobility of sitting. 30 min of exercise per day is no longer sufficient. Risk of cancer starts to rise as soon as one sits still for an hour.

Breaking down the immobility of sitting is no longer a choice for better spinal health.

I recommend a Back Vitalizer – it is the perfect tool for breaking down the immobility of sitting, at work, at home and on the road. Why stop short with the suggested 1-2 minutes of activity break every hour, when one can maintain trunk activity through out the hours of sitting?

Beside, it is also a popular and thoughtful holiday gift for loved ones. Watch this ProActive Chiropractic video on the variety of options.

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