First off, I think you should start with a trainer who really knows their stuff.  I recommend you start with 2-3 sessions so they can teach you healthy lifting techniques. Believe me –  training research has changed and taught us many new things since you were in high school. Therefore, if you haven’t worked out with a trainer in 10 years, do so.

If you have worked out with a trainer and have just taken a long break and forgot how much weight to start lifting, this is a good tip:

Body weight can serve as guideline or starting point to identify the weight that beginning adult lifters, performing three sets of lifts, should perform to get started:

Barbell Squat                     45% of body weight

Universal leg press            50% of body weight

Barbell bench press           30% of body weight

Universal bench press       30% of body weight

Universal leg extension    20% of body weight

t Leg extension                    20% of body weight

Universal leg curl              15% of body weight

Upright rowing                  20% of body weight

Newer lifting techniques integrate more than one body part at a time, which has many benefits that can be applied to sports. Talk to me if you have any questions.  Going through the Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician program gave me many tools and techniques to help you achieve your workout goals, whether it’s recommending a fabulous trainer or giving you tips to improve your current workout.