Most of us remember the game Mercy from childhood. According to Wikipedia, school children around the world play this game. New research suggests those school children hoping to reign as Mercy champion on their playgrounds should be getting adjusted. A recently published study finds chiropractic neck adjustments improve wrist strength which I can only imagine improves your Mercy odds.

No, the research didn’t focus on Mercy. It actually focused on Judo athletes showing that “grip strength of national level judo athletes receiving chiropractic adjustments improved compared to those receiving sham (or a placebo).”

There are many reasons you might want to improve your grip strength: Mercy, Judo, rock climbing, or fighting back against that aggressive hand shaker at work who crushes your hand to prove he’s “tough.” Regardless of your reason, chiropractic adjustments will help your nerves function more efficiently and that will improve your grip strength. Call ProActive Chiropractic in San Francisco if you want to improve your hand/wrist strength and get back to work and back to play.