Women differ from men in structure and biomechanics and their feet are among the most different of the body’s structures. In spite of this, our healthcare system treats female patients’ foot imbalances and lower extremity dysfunction in the same way that it treats male patients’.

Feet Problems:

Women develop biomechanical problems and symptomatic condition in the forefoot more frequently than men do. Bunions (hallux valgus), hammer toes, callus formation, interdigital neuromas, and metatarsalgia are all more common in women according to the Journal of Musculoskeletal Medicine. Many of these conditions have been linked to abnormal biomechanical forces in the feet, which is why, at ProActive Chiropractic, we look at your feet at every visit.

During your initial exam, we scan your feet to determine if foot imbalances may be contributing to biomechanical issues.

This information helps us get to the root of the problem and resolve it quickly.