According to a recent Flu Impact Report, “In addition to the 100 million work days lost due to flu-related illness last season, more than one-third of those days would have been uncompensated with the costs borne by the employee, resulting in $6.8 billion in lost wages.”[1]

It would be nice to believe that days off from work or school are enjoyable – but elevated fevers, coughing, and an upset stomach are hardly fun.

When you have the common cold or the flu, there are many remedies that can help relieve the symptoms, however, there is no distinct cure.

You can take a few simple steps during this flu season to help stay healthier this winter – and might even correspond with some of your New Year’s resolutions.

Increase vitality

When we exercise, the heart fuels and distributes blood faster, we sweat, and oxygen flow increases throughout the lungs. The result is a body that functions with greater efficiency that strengthens our ability to fight and dilute bad bacteria.

On the other hand, a body that receives minimal exercise will result in sedentary internal behavior – a lethargic immune system and slow blood and oxygen flow.

Should you get out and train for the next half-marathon in your area just to avoid getting the cold? Not unless you are truly compelled to, but you can increase vitality and energy from a brisk walk – Be sure you bundle up as well.

Before starting to workout, visit ProActive Chiropractic in San Francisco and ask about a healthy workout routine that fits your lifestyle.  It is also important to receive adjustments for untreated imbalances in the body, as they can create pain and soreness for those that are just beginning to exercise.


Food for thought

There are many different diets that are buzzing around these days, each with a different rhyme and reason. Whether your diet is protein-rich, or a carb loader – at the end of the day, your body requires essential vitamins and nutrients to supplement health and vitality.


According to an ABC Health article, “Over all, maintaining a diverse diet, rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean protein, is the body’s best defense against viral invaders.” [2]

Below are some foods that are rich in nutrients and beneficial for a healthy diet and immune system.

• Fruits (Oranges, Bananas, Strawberries)-
Note from Dr. Cohen:Avoid having fruits alone because it causes irregularities in your  blood sugar. Think of fruits as desserts not a meal.

• Yogurt (With Probiotics)
Note from Dr. Cohen: Organic is preferred when it comes to dairy, and I like the Greek yogurts because they have more protein.

• Vegetables (Peppers/Broccoli/Squash/Carrots)

• Nuts (Almonds)

Many vitamins and nutrients that strengthen the body can be found in everyday health foods. There are also supplements to help you recover faster. If your New Year’s resolution was to eat healthier, why not eat foods that also provide sustenance?

Just as nutritional food, exercise, and proper hygiene are important to our health, so is receiving adequate rest. We need sleep to recuperate our bodies after each day to function at full strength. However, rest can often be hindered by generic pillows.

Take a few steps toward a healthier you – make 2012 the year that you don’t become a part of the millions that stay home because of the cold or flu.

by Foot Levelers on Wednesday, January 4, 2012

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