I look at health as a combination of three components:

  1. structural health (meaning your muscles, nerves, ligaments, spinal disks, etc.)
  2. chemical health (nutrition, supplements, toxins in your environment)
  3. emotional health (because your emotional state can put stress on your body that shifts its focus away from maintaining health or healing)

This philosophy is the foundation of Applied Kinesiology which I incorporate with chiropractic medicine. At ProActive Chiropractic, in the financial district of San Francisco, I  teach people ways to take better care of all three health components. My teachings range from advice on how to eat better to stress management tools to assistance in getting to the bottom of emotional triggers. I work with other health care providers from nutritionists to psychotherapists to fully address these key components to health.

For some reason, we grow up believing that our physical and emotional health function in different spheres. Evidence proves otherwise. As we address their emotional triggers, patients often are awed by the degree to which their emotional health impacts their physical health. The most common physical manifestations triggered by emotional stresses are headaches and back pain flare ups.

The emotional side of health is addressed last week on the Dr. Phil Show. Watch now:

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