Many of us feel like we’re always under the gun: go, go, go! This is especially true in the Financial District of San Francisco.

At ProActive Chiropractic, I focus on getting busy professionals out of pain quickly so they can get back to work and exercising. Most new patients fear that they won’t be able to train or workout and exercise is their most effective stress reliever. We’ve long known that chiropractic spinal manipulations (CSM) help patients deal with stress by decreasing their pain, but now research proves that the adjustment itself changes the brain to literally decrease stress.

The researchers, published in the journal Alternative Therapies In Health And Medicine, imaged the brain using positron emission tomography (PET) to examine brain changes resulting from adjustments (manipulation), particularly how the brain deals with stress.

The researchers and patients noted three major improvements:

  • Lower stress level, i.e. changes to regional cerebral glucose metabolism related to sympathetic (think fight or flight) relaxation.
  • Better quality of life (patient reported)
  • Significantly lower pain level and decreased muscle spasms in the neck

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PET scan of the human brain from Wikipedia.