Our primary goal when a patient walks in the door is to help you feel better whether that means get you out of pain or have you finishing the marathon without injury. Yet we’re not called ProActive for nothing: our goal is to make sure we catch system problems before they become serious.

For the last few weeks, we have been doing screenings for metabolic imbalances (officially called Metabolic Syndrome or Prediabetes). ProActive Chiropractic focuses on this important condition that affects 30% of the population because metabolic imbalances have been shown to dramatically increase the likelihood of a person developing diabetes, stroke, and heart attacks.

We will continue doing these three minute complimentary screenings in our financial district office for our patients and the community at large during May. Recent research shows a direct link between metabolic imbalances and the development of liver cancer so we will continue the focus for the rest of the month.

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