Vote for Proposition 29 

The California Public Health Association – North (CPHA-N) has endorsed Prop 29 along with the American Cancer Society, American Lung Association, the American Heart Association, LiveSTRONG, cancer researcher doctors and scientists. Who opposes Prop 29?  Big Tobacco, of course.  They are spending tens of millions of dollars misleading voters with deceptive TV and radio advertisements.   Prop 29 will save lives now and in the future, it may lead us to a cure for cancer, and it will stop hundreds of thousands of kids from smoking.

Prop 29 is a game changer: a $1 tobacco tax, paid only by those who purchase tobacco products, to fund research and tobacco control programs. This means $735 million ANNUALLY for cancer research and to stop kids from smoking.

Join us in supporting Proposition 29 and sign up to volunteer in your area.  

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