A few patients asked if I was going to be treating the pro golfers at the U.S. Open in San Francisco this past weekend. I would have loved to have supported amazing athletes such as Webb Simpson, Michael Thompson, and Tiger Woods. I’d have been especially excited since the Open was at the Olympic Club, a course I’ve help many San Franciscans return to after an injury. Instead, I  spent the weekend at  U.C. Santa Barbara graduation: I couldn’t miss that!

Fortunately, the event was well covered and the athletes were in good hands. This year’s wellness chairman was a fellow sports chiropractor, also credentialed by the CCSP®, Dr. Jeffrey Poplarski, D.C.,CCSP®  of New York. He built a comprehensive team of 40 chiropractors, 40 massage therapists, and 20 physical therapists to care for the golfers and caddies, according to a Sacramento Bee article. It takes an incredible team of highly trained providers to provide the sophisticated level of care required by these elite athletes.

“Pro golfers take around 2,000 swings a day, moving a club from a stationary position to a 100-mph speed with a 360-degree rotation, then coming to a sudden stop, all in less than two seconds, Poplarski said.

“It’s like a BART train coming into the Colma Station and hitting a wall at 100 mph,” he said. “Caddies have it even worse.”

They carry a 60-pound bag, tilt their spine as they hoist it hundreds of times a day and walk six miles per round on hilly terrain goats would appreciate. Lower-back injuries are most common, he said, but ankles and knees get beaten up, too.”

ProActive Chiropractic assists golfers and caddies with these very ailments at their Financial District office. Once Poplarski’s team leaves town, Dr. Andrew Cohen, also a Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner (CCSP®) (a post doctoral program focusing on athletes) invites anyone from the U.S. Open to come in for follow-up care. Some of the more common golf conditions Dr. Cohen sees regularly are shoulder and low back ailments, golfer’s elbow, knee problems, and hip pain.

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