What does a zip tie and your feet have in common?

One great thing about practicing downtown San Francisco is most people work hard and play hard. Just as you wouldn’t sit all day in a junky office chair it doesn’t make sense to go workout in a junky shoe. It’s important to find the right shoe for you and many athletes need custom support for their arches in addition.

Every sport requires perfect balance and stabilizing orthotics provide the best balanced foundation for your body. Athletes wearing our flexible orthotics have a lower risk of injuries ranging from Turf Toe to broken bones. A common injury that can help be prevented is sprained ankle because of the support stabilizing orthotics provide.

Research has shown custom orthotics:

  • Increase vertical leap
  • Increased strength
  • Decrease fatigue

The problem is once arches in your feet are compromised, there is no way to restore them.  The reason for this is ligaments hold the arches up (like a plastic zip tie) but if there is enough pressure eventually the plastic zip tie stretches. Once it’s stretched it doesn’t bounce back therefore the joints in the foot are less stable and not positions correctly. The orthotics brace the joints and help put them in their normal position to get a more efficient stride and shock absorption.

Schedule an a 10 minute complementary consultation today to find out if your feet are balanced or if they need additional support.