Weight loss and increased energy! Five to twelve pounds lost and boundless energy are the most common results of the Vitality Voyage/Detox 360 classes according to past-participants.

In the four classes (Thursdays in September), I teach participants how to take care of their bodies. Don’t just do a cleanse and bounce back to your old ways when you’re done because you don’t understand what works for you personally. Learn something! This is a great class for those who are already well-informed about their bodies, but want to improve their knowledge and those who are recently motivated to take better care of their bodies.

Are you interested? Sign up before August 31st to reserve a space (limited to 8 participants) and save money. The early registration price is $150 for one participant or $200 for two. Past participants have found that a buddy makes the experience more fun and that additional support makes the process more effective.

More info:

ProActive Chiropractic, in San Francisco, will run a cutting-edge nutrition class in September 2012 that will teach you simple ways to clean up your system. By doing so you will notice improved energy and quicker progress regarding your exercise goals.

Become your own Health Champion™ with assistance from Detox 360°™, an integrative new detox system. Look great, renew your health, and energize your life!

There are many different detoxes or cleanses out there now. I researched a ton of them, narrowed the field to the three that most closely match my practice’s priorities and goals, and tried  out those three. I even tried them on my wife before I settled on Detox 360°™. The supplies provided by Detox 360°™ best fit my practice because the supplements are cleanest and most honest and the materials share my focus on educating patients to keep themselves out of the doctor’s office. Over four sessions (Thursdays in January at 6pm), I will lead support sessions to help you through the detoxification and show you how to make long-term changes that will benefit you long after you’ve finished the cleanse.

Do You…

  • Experience headaches or migraines?
  • Feel fatigued or sluggish?
  • Have aching joints or muscles?
  • Feel your weight is getting out of control?
  • Feel unfocused or foggy?
  • Have digestive problems?

If so, the Detox 360°™ program can help renew your sense of well-being. Read about the program’s unique, multi-pronged approach to learn how Detox 360°™ differs from other detox methods.

Why Should I Detoxify?

Never before in human history have we been exposed to so many environmental toxins! The air we breathe and the chemicals in our food, water, houses, and workplaces, as well as the various products we put on our bodies, all expose us to environmental toxins. Low-level bioaccumulation from multiple sources, building up year after year, increases our toxic load. This may result in symptoms such as fatigue, rashes, brain fog, etc., manageable at first, but then gradually may result in degenerative disorders, autoimmune, neurological dysfunction, and hormonal imbalances. Our bodies are equipped to neutralize these toxins and clear them out or store them.

Our detoxification organs—kidneys, liver, lymph, lungs, intestines, and skin—work hard each day to address such exposure. However, due to factors such as genetics, stress levels, dietary issues, lifestyle practices, nutritional balance, and exposure levels, our ability to neutralize and excrete these toxins may vary. Unless we take active steps to address toxic exposure, our health may be affected to varying degrees.

The best approach is to fight this problem on many fronts. A simple cleansing diet or supplements, although helpful, may not be enough to make a major difference. The Detox 360°™ program has been designed by healthcare and nutrition experts to provide a coordinated, multifaceted answer.

More Than a Cleansing Program

Detox 36°™ is a multifaceted foundational system, which incorporates many important clinical considerations in its planning and design. It addresses several key areas such as allergies, inflammation, toxicity, systemic and metabolic stress, mental-emotional stress, susceptibility factors, and much more. It is primarily a lifestyle-changing program, which helps anchor health-promoting habits and dietary adjustments that can become a new way of life, or may be used periodically to take advantage of its dramatic benefits. It can be used as a stand-alone program, or in conjunction with the therapeutic regimen recommended by your healthcare practitioner. The goal of Detox 360°™ is to provide a clinically tested system of dietary and lifestyle recommendations, with supportive formulas, which when used together, will have a significant impact on your health.

This 4-week program includes educational DVDs, a highly detailed manual with easy-to-use food guides and recipes, daily journals, detailed explanations of toxicity sources, detox mechanisms, detox-promoting lifestyle practices, targeted nutrition, as well as supportive therapeutics. You are taken through a simple, step-by-step approach with clear explanations of how to complete each week’s regimen.

About the Detox 360°™ Process

In just a few weeks, you can begin to experience results and look forward to continued improvement. The Detox 360˚™ program includes:

  1. Dietary support of the body’s detox processes, emphasizing whole foods and eliminating known inflammatory and allergenic foods
  2. Lifestyle practices, such as regular exercise, healthy sleep habits, etc. that support detoxification
  3. Support of liver detox pathways
  4. Stimulating kidneys, lymphs and liver through physician-formulated homeopathic drainage formulas


“My nutrition practitioner recommended a food elimination and detoxification program (Detox 360°™). After four weeks, I was out of pain for the first time in years.”
– Suzanne K, School Superintendent

“I was suffering from depression and unmanageable perimenopause symptoms. My health practitioner suggested the Detox 360°™™ program, and it was amazing to see my depression disappear and my hot flashes become bearable.”
– Sheri S., Home Health Nurse . The content and images on this page are property of Detox 360°™