Dr. Andrew Cohen, CCSP®, San Francisco sports chiropractor, believes it’s easier to help patients when he personally understands the challenges physical activity places on the body. That is one reason why he ran the Honolulu Marathon a few years ago and will run the Tough Mudder for the third time on September 22nd.

In order to do that the athlete should know what he/she is up against. The obstacles for the Northern California Tough Mudder have been released. We have less than a week to go. Good luck practicing for these doozies.

The 28 obstacles for the 2012 Northern California Tough Mudder, September 22-23 2012:

  1. Brave heart Challenge-Charge into battle with 5000 mudders.  Battle cries essential.
  2. Cliffhanger-Grab onto anything you can as you scramble up and over this hill of this muddy mountain mess.
  3. Walk the Plank-Test your fear of heights and cold with this 15ft plunge into ice cold mountain run off,  then survive the swim out.
  4. Berlin Walls-Show team spirit and camaraderie as you heave each other over a series of 12ft. walls.  Dry-“Piece of cake/Wet-“Are you frickin kidding me.”
  5. Fire Walker-Plain and simple run through our fields of kerosene soaked straw.  Expect flames of 4 feet.
  6. Boa Constrictor-Crawl through a series of pipes that will take you into some butt chillin and muddy.  Water.
  7. Spiders Web-Fight your way up and over not one but two cargo nets. Views cool, but the thing now is to get down the other side as fast as humanly possible.
  8. Turds Nest- Try not to bail into the mud as you weeble, wooble, and… dang fell again.
  9. Sweaty Yeti-Cool off as you crawl your way up this huge Popsicle.
  10. Greased Lightning- Ultimate slip and slide?  Times a thousand…for sure.
  11. Kinky Tunnels-“HEY “ it’s the shape not the happenings on the inside…we think.
  12. Shocks on the Rocks-Take an arctic enema, add a kiss of mud, and shake with some electroshock therapy and, FEAR? Not me sucka.
  13. Twinkle Toes-Make your way across a log bridge over a freezing cold lake.
  14. Devils Beard- Try as you might you will get caught in the spider’s web time and time again in our annoyingly low cargo nets.
  15. Kiss of Mud-Eat dirt as you crawl on your belly under wire only 8 inches from the ground.
  16. Everest- Welcome to  the quarter pipe from hell…sherpa anyone?
  17. Hold your Wood-Drag your log up the ski slope only to take it down the other side.  What your footing.
  18. Log Jammin-A little head banging for you? Just bob and weave.
  19. Mystery obstacle…What could it be….zoinks
  20. The Trenches-A maze of tough mud, who woulda thunk it?
  21. Shake and Bake-This ain’t yo momma’s chicken recipe when the fire dept. hoses you down and has you crawl through sand. Ouch, Itch, and Sizzle.
  22. Blowin smoke up your ASS-Take a leap of faith into this smoky hole. Who knows what you’ll find down there…
  23. Mud Mile-Just like the soup at that cheap diner…Tough Mudder gumbo.
  24. Funky Monkey-Your not five anymore.  Some bars are greased for your enjoyment…Mommy
  25. Underwater Tunnels-The obstacles on the surface should have all gasping for your last breath.
  26. King of the Mountain-The Kilimanjaro of hale bales…no chairlifts kids.
  27. Arctic Enema-Ahhhh… In and out of the best carcinogen out there.  A third ear, no sweat right?
  28. Electro-Shock Therapy- You can see the finish line on the horizon, and ZAAAPPP, Live wire…Some are charged, some are not. Let’s roll the dice shall we.

Information taken from the Tough Mudder Official Website.

Safety first. If you are encountering any pain before the race, make sure you get it checked out because this course will exacerbate any ache or pain AND increase your likelihood of more serious injury.

Schedule an appointment online today. If you’re a fellow Tough Mudder, bring your registration documentation and receive $70 off the first visit in September.