While I was in Colorado Springs for the Olympic rotation, I heard about an incredible running store called the Colorado Running Company. While exploring the friendly and helpful shop, I found two fantastic inventions for reducing wear and tear on your joints- a common desire of runners in Colorado and San Francisco.

  1. Hoka shoes -Imagine running on the moon…well sorta. I feel like an astronaut when I run in these big, weightless puffs. Yes, I bought them despite the fact that they’re ugly as sin. They are one of the lightest trail running shoes on the market, but, more importantly, they have massive cushioning which lessens the impact on your joints.
  2. Eliptigo‘s -Think fancy gym elliptical machine mates with your road bike. All the perks of the elliptical, but outside where you can breathe fresh air and enjoy the scenery. Oh yeah, and kids yell and wave and adults smile and ask questions. I took this beast out for an hour ride and was astounded at the unique workout and ease of use. I think my laughter boosted the aerobic benefit, too.

Just thought I’d share some of my shopping highlights since ’tis the season… If you’re ever in Colorado, check out the awesome, locally-owned Colorado Running Company. I’m jealous; I wish they had a CA store.