The world was stunned last week when Lady Gaga canceled her tour due to chronic hip pain. Today she introduced us to her wheelchair named Emma (photo below) following her surgery. Also today, a large study, one of the largest to date, found hip replacement for women was less successful than for men.

“Women were 29% more likely to need repeat surgery within the first three years than men,” according to Medical News Today.

Obviously, I don’t know the details of Lady Gaga’s surgery or if she even had a hip replacement, but if she doesn’t get her pain under control, hip replacement is likely. As this time away from her fans takes its toll on eager concert-goers and her bottom line, it is clear that all conservative options should be employed as a first resort, especially sports chiropractic. I have seen many patients with synovitis and degenerative joint disease in the hip and been able to delay most and avoid surgery in many cases. At the frequency and intensity that she was performing, Lady Gaga is an elite athlete. It’s crucial to her rehab that she get a top notch sports chiropractor to make sure she can get back out on the stage in those fanciful outfits and entertain her millions of fans.

For those who imagine chiropractors as bone crackers, I want to reassure you that the image is so, so far from what a chiropractor does to a hip, plus that isn’t my style in general. In reality, what I’m doing is making sure the pelvis and lower back is moving the way it should so that the hips only have to do the job they were intended to do. Also, I ensure  the muscles in the legs and low back are firing appropriately. Doing so will lessen the stress on the hip and allow the inflammation and pain to decrease and heal, if there isn’t already permanent damage. Too often health care providers only look at the painful area (the hip in this case) and forget that nothing in the body works by on its own. So if we can lessen the stress all around the hip that will help.

Lady Gaga, if you’re in San Francisco, pop in! I’d love to help sort you out.  And women of the Bay Area with hip pain, don’t hesitate, call ProActive Chiropractic today and make an appointment.  You’ll love my approach which is backed by my Unique Satisfaction Pledge.