New Concussion Guidelines: “If In Doubt, Sit It Out”

Canuck hockey

You may think only NHL players and football moms need to worry about concussions, but the cost of returning to play too early can be tremendous in any sport, including your favorite weekend leisure activities.

The new rule by the American Academy of Neurology eliminates grading or rigid rules in favor of the simple mantra, “when it doubt, sit it out.”

The risk of going back to play after a traumatic brain injury is huge — the worst case scenario is not that you sit out the rest of the season. It’s death due to too much brain swelling as the skull has no room to expand.

As a Sports Chiropractor, I think it is a good idea for those playing contact sports such as hockey, football, or wrestling to get a pre-season evaluation test. The Sport Concussion Assessment Tool (SCAT2) offers a standardized method of evaluating athletes 10 and older for concussion. It is a component of the 2008 Zurich Consensus Statement on Sport Concussion. In fact, it is what I used at the Olympic Training center.

Being confident that an athlete is truly ready to return to play is vital in preventing further injury as well as allowing for maximal performance. The test is a useful metric to use in the unlikely and unfortunate situation that a brain injury occurs and is incredibly useful to help determine when it is appropriate and safe to get back in the game.

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