During the rain delay of the Sept. 16 nationally broadcast NBC game between the 49ers and the Seahawks, highlights and player sound bites from games played earlier in the day were shown.

Following highlights from the Packers’ win over the Redskins, one of the NBC studio announcers noted that Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was less than 100-percent heading into the game. The announcer’s comment was followed by a post-game clip of Aaron Rodgers speaking to the media, in which he thanked his chiropractor, Palmer Davenport alumnus, Michael Zoelle, D.C., for adjusting him.

Check out the Aaron Rodgers clip on YouTube and an article referencing it on GreenBayPressGazette.com.

The article notes, “Rodgers thinks he might have slept on his neck wrong, but after he received a pre-game chiropractic adjustment, there was no stopping him.”