People often ask me how much water is needed during exercise, especially big events. I remember being at the start of the Honolulu Marathon  and a guy was explaining to me why drinking a Coca-Cola was better than water for long races. We know that dehydration decreases your performance but how do you stay hydrated other than avoiding soda.

• Recommendation:

  • –  20-24 oz. water for each lb. of body weight loss (get pre and post event weight)
  • –  Urine color is light yellow
  • –  16-20 oz. of water with pre-event meal (2 hours before exercise)
  • –  12-16 oz. before competition (15 min. before exercise)
  • –  8 oz. fluid every 15-20 min. of exercise  (An electrolyte beverage, no Coca-Cola doesn’t count)