“As an elite athlete, recovery and therapy is essential to staying healthy and competitive.  I have seen Dr. Devin Young as my chiropractor for years and see him twice a week during training. His care has been especially helpful leading up to and including the Boston Marathon. I have been able to recover faster and easier after races. He is very knowledgeable and professional, and I am very thankful to have him locally to keep me healthy.” 
Source:  “Boston Marathon Winner Trusts in Chiropractic Care,” by Editorial Staff of To Your Health, May 2014.
This is a theme I’m seeing with elite athletes including many of the athletes at the Olympic Training center who see their chiropractor 2x a week during key training times to prevent injuries. This was also the case when I talked with Jerry Rice recently who swears hard training, healthy eating, and getting adjusted 2x a week was critical to him staying in the NFL for 20 years. Prevention is king at every level.