great patient

This young patient wanted her picture taken after she got adjusted.

Shoulders or knees

This woman was complaining of shoulder pain when she was working.

Village 1

This young patient said he wanted to run faster. Yes, we can help with that.

Ashram day 14

This patient was complaining of headaches.

Village 1 secretary

Patients check in to be treated. Thanks to our front desk worker everything was orderly.


Patients waiting to be treated.

We can learn this stuff easy

These local boys tried to figure out the magic as they try to recreate what they are seeing us do to provide immediate relief.


This patient was suffering from colic.




We worked in a Ashram that Gandhi started. Nutrition, acupuncture, and yoga were built in but they welcomed us with open arms.

my back

Now I understand why you back hurts. I took this photo from the car so apologize for the photo quality.

Adjusting day 5

Tune up time for this father who had a lot of complaints.

Galii, aka ticklish copy

Flip flops! I miss that. My boss is mean in SF and won’t let me wear flip flops to work.