More good news for Chiropractic: Findings in a new study, “Tracking Low Back Problems in a Major Self-Insured Workforce: Toward Improvement in the Patient’s Journey,” showed the importance, efficacy and cost-saving benefits of turning to Chiropractic early when it comes to low back pain. The study examined the total direct (medical, pharmaceutical) and indirect (lost productivity, absenteeism, workers compensation, short and long-term disability) cost outcomes associated with care for back problems reported by workers at a major self-insured heavy manufacturer in the U.S. 
Tracking 21,080 people between 2001 to 2009, individuals who reported back pain were identified as pursuing one of five different care approaches, from Information and Advice to Chiropractic to Complex Medical Management, based on their first six weeks of insurance claims. Those who sought Chiropractic were not only the least likely to turn to dangerous pharmaceuticals and costly surgery, the Chiropractic patients also averaged significantly lower total costs per episode.  Early intervention was less costly over the long-run, as well. The results were published this June in The Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.
Source: The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress.