Getting Around During Super Bowl 50

Artist rendering of Super Bowl 50 Super Bowl City on Market Street

But don’t let the Super Bowl keep you away from your care. Take a hint from previous MVP Jerry Rice…

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“If there was traffic I’d hop on a bike, skateboard, or hoverboard to get to ProActive Chiropractic for my tune up.”  OK, well the last sentence isn’t true :), but this is,  “I believe in chiropractic and I know that it works. You probably know about my long and successful career in football, and I’m flattered by the testimonials to my durability. Football is a very rough and vigorous sport,” Rice says. “I took some vicious hits from players nearly twice my size. Thankfully, I had the durability to withstand these tackles, or I would never have succeeded or lasted as long as I did. Chiropractic was the key to keeping me in the game.”



The Bay Area is hosting Super Bowl 50! While the game is in Santa Clara, nine days of activities leading up to the game are in San Francisco. That means transportation impacts from January 23 to February 12. Whether you’re visiting, working or a resident, plan ahead, pack your patience and take transit, bike, walk, or take a hoverboard with Jerry where you need to go. Download SFMTA’s handy guide to bring with you.

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We look forward to celebrating with you. #superbowlsf