The Bookcase

This is the bookshelf that was the tipping point. It only weighs 55lbs but it’s long and awkward so trying to maneuver it up and down a 4 stairs was enough to make me a pain in the ass.

Well, maybe not you, but it certainly makes me a giant pain in the ass.Two weeks ago, I injured myself rearranging the garage. It was a situation that I should have seen coming. I’d added an intro barre class and an additional Boot Camp to my regular workouts. On Saturday, I found myself generally sore in my whole body, but strangely so in my lower back. I wasn’t hurt, just strange. I figured it would work itself out over the weekend and if not I’d get Dr. Crowley to adjust me on Monday (perk of working in a chiropractic office).

But my recovery unraveled when I moved a piece of furniture in a strange way by myself. I don’t even remember the exact moment, but I could feel the problem that evening.

While in pain, I did everything I knew how to do on my own: foamroll, Biofreeze, hot tub, and stretch. Nothing helped at all. On Monday morning, I came into work early in 9/10 pain to get adjusted by Dr. Crowley. I felt so much pain I felt nauseated and scared. Did I seriously damage my back to the point I wouldn’t be able to work?

I felt better (pain down to a 4.5/10) after the adjustment and intense muscle work (she is the muscle magician-it hurts like hell, but really helps). I was still scared because my work is so physical and if I hurt it’s difficult to even make it through one patient visit let alone a full day. I knew I couldn’t cancel patients and go home because we both had a busy schedule so I powered through, but that took it out of me and I was back to 9/10 by the end of the day.

Tuesday I was scheduled to teach two classes at my alma mater down in San Jose. Driving never helps back pain and a few people suggested I cancel, but this had been scheduled for two months and teaching up and coming chiropractors always energizes me. I booked an appointment with my favorite chiropractor down south, Positive Motion Health, which helped.

But anyone who’s been in pain before knows when you hurt, you take it out on those you are closest with. That means I was a jerk to my wife and Nicole; I’m sorry! They both handled it kindly by rolling their eyes and repeating at me advice that I give them. Get adjusted. Rest it. Do the homework.

I got adjusted every day for a week and 10 days later I finally felt like myself again. Yesterday, I went to my first workout class (spin so I reintroduce exercise slowly). It felt amazing to exercise again. I realized when I wasn’t working out, I was anxious and slept worse, which contributed to me being a pain in the ass to others.

This experience was useful professionally because it reminded me how much your world is disrupted when all you can think about is how much you hurt and wonder when it will end.

If you are being a jerk, step back and figure out why. If it’s due to pain, we can help. We understand what that feels like and we want to get you back to work and back to play.