This is a complex question as many factors go into a price. 

First visits can vary significantly from $200-$500. Some of those will include a treatment and some won’t. Some doctors also charge a low teaser price to get you in the door (a loss leader). 

The range for a regular visit is from $25-300. Why such a variation? There are many factors that go into the price of treatment:

  • Does the doctor charge you a flat rate or is each service an additional fee? If they are $25 for the visit but $50 for adjusting more than one region, and an additional fee for taping, Graston®, ART®, AND extremity adjusting it can add up, 
  • How long are you with the doctor? The range is from 2 minutes to 30 minutes. 
  • Do they hook you up to a machine and leave? 
  • Are you mostly with an assistant and the doctor is in your room for 2 minutes?
  • How frequently will they need to see you? Some doctors spend 2 minutes and charge $50 and want to see you 4x a week. Others charge 100 and want to see you 2x. Do you enjoy going to the doctors office or would you prefer results in fewer sessions?
  • What’s the total number of visits to get your issue resolved? Again the range can be all over the place from 1 visit to 50 visits.
  • What is the doctors skillset? Are they offering something that the doctor across the street can’t offer? 
  • What is the doctors experience? Have they been doing this for a long time or have they worked high profile events (Olympics, with professional teams or athletes) as there is usually strict education and experience standards required to work high profile events? 
  • Most chiropractors are generalists which can be good. There are post doctoral programs that allow chiropractors to specialize in sports, kids, nutrition, radiology, and more. Do they specialize in your complaint? As with law or medicine, the more specialized the professional the more they tend to charge. 

At ProActive Chiropractic we have a service menu posted on the front desk so everyone knows what they pay for beforehand and there are no surprises. It enables us to offer the best care possible and gives you faster results. 

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