Two Months into Shelter in Place Thoughts from Dr. Cohen:

The photo was taken during a socially-distanced urban hike through Berekely.

Thoughts from Dr. Cohen:

What a roller coaster this is. COVID is forcing us all to adapt and be present. We’re seeing patients daily who update us on how they’ve been working at the kitchen table on a laptop for 10+ hours a day, how they’ve been in extreme pain and trying to soothe it with wine and YouTube fixes because everyone is closed, and those who feel like they’re going to break because they don’t get alone time with work and kids being around 24-7. We’ve had a dozen or so patients get lots of relief out of the telemedicine video calls and we have more and more patients coming in trying to return a sense of normalcy and cut the pain that’s making them a worse parent, partner, employee, and family member.

This is wild. While I can’t promise things will change anytime soon, I can tell you we are adapting and want to support you through it.

I’ve had highs and lows like all of you. It’s scary to see the impact on our team, the business, our neighborhood, and the community at large.

Clinical Pearl: research has shown chiropractic adjustments not only help with pain but also decrease stress firing in the brain…that can be helpful now. 🙂

Hopefully, you’re getting to go outside and explore nature and enjoy this great weather. Here are a  few mental vacations, because we aren’t traveling and I can only stomach five minutes of news a day:

Podcasts I enjoyed:
To Live and Die in LA
Butterfly Effect
Hardcore History
Revisionist History
Slow Burn Seasons 1 and 2 (warning may trigger political stress although it doesn’t deal with present-day)

Audiobooks I’ve enjoyed. (I’m using LibroFM instead of Amazon, to support my local bookstore. They have the same library, but the money goes to my favorite struggling, shutdown bookstore.)
Lonesome Dove
Never Split the Difference
Talking to Strangers
A Wise Man’s Fear
The Name of the Wind

My wife swears that A Gentleman in Moscow and All the Light We Cannot See are better as audiobooks than regular books.

I’d love to hear your favorites or your impression of any of these you dive into.