With a pandemic and self-isolation restricting us, it seems hard to find the right information to keep our minds and bodies healthy. Furthermore, with video conferences being the new norm for the foreseeable future, there is an apparent amount of fatigue associated with video conferencing. We want to provide some guidance on steps you can take to keep yourself safe and energized.

In our newsletters, we’ve been discussing some supplements that help protect against the Coronavirus. These supplements include:

Vitamin C:
Vitamin C has been used in clinical trials in China and has been used in New York hospitals to treat Coronavirus. We recommend using Vitamin C supplements and eating high-Vitamin C foods or drinks to help with prevention. If you need Vitamin C supplements, we have them in stock or we can get them shipped to you, just reach out.

Melatonin is a potent inhibitor of the NLRP3 inflammasome. If the inflammasome is over-activated, a cytokine storm results, causing the immune system to attack healthy cells. In respiratory models, Melatonin use decreases inflammation and oxidation, and regulates immune response at a time when it is prone to overreaction. Researchers hypothesize that the decline in Melatonin production as we age could explain the difference between the severity of COVID-19 symptoms in children and adults. Plus, Melatonin has a high safety profile.

Quercetin disrupts viral docking and penetration into the cell. It sits on the inside of a cell. Also, it’s a potent anti-inflammatory. Currently, there are trials going on in the US and China in using Quercetin for COVID-19. Combine it with stinging nettles which reduce inflammatory cytokine release. I take one with Quercetin + Nettles to decrease the inflammatory response.

Garlic’s lectins bind to ACE2 receptors to block viruses from binding. Use garlic liberally in cooking (it’s okay to smell a little garlicky when practicing social distancing) and take Allicillin, which we have in the office.

GI symptoms predict poor outcomes in COVID19. Did you know that the coronavirus resides in the gut? If you’re having lots of gut stuff, mention it at your next visit (in person or virtual).

We enjoyed this article, shared by Colleen. It was a relief to learn we’re not alone with our Zoom frustration.

With Video Conferencing becoming the new normal for businesses, you might be experiencing an increased amount of fatigue. Many patients report feeling their energy drained with each new conference call. This feeling is completely normal according to Gianpiero Petriglieri, professor at Insead, and Marissa Shuffler from Clemson, leading researchers on the workplace environment.

Key takeaways: next time you have a video conference, take the time to check in with your co-workers. Ask them about their well-being. If you know them well enough to ask more specific questions, do so. Reach out to them in this time of need. Second, make sure you get in some stretches (this is a great hip stretch for those sitting and walking too much)  between calls to keep your blood flowing and lessen the stress on your lower back.

Further reading:

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Get out there and enjoy some sun!

The Proactive Chiropractic Team